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0000142QMC2Feature requestpublic2017-02-25 03:44
Assigned Torreucher 
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Product Version0.183 
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Summary0000142: ROMAlyzer / Collection Rebuilder: Support ROM dumps that are larger than 2GB individually
DescriptionQMC2's ROMAlyzer / Collection Rebuilder does not support individual dumps that are larger than 2GB (example: hapyfsh2). It will crash due to a QByteArray limitation.

We'd need to use QList<QByteArray> everywhere instead of a simple QByteArray, but that's a rather big change, so it's postponed for after the next release (at least).
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rreucher (administrator)

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This has been addressed meanwhile by adding a new class called BigByteArray which manages a QList<QByteArray> (a list of byte-arrays) in 1 GB chunks and abstracts the access to its data in a QByteArray-like way, so porting the relevant code in the collection rebuilder was easy in the end.

This is in SVN r7974.

I still need to run more tests (don't trust it 100% yet, although hapyfsh2 rebuilds cleanly now, so it looks like it works fine), and chances are I'll also port the legacy "set rewriter" to it. So I'm not gonna resolve the issue yet.


rreucher (administrator)

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Porting the legacy parts of the ROMAlyzer to it (that is, the so called "set rewriter" functionality) is actually much more of a PITA than the newer Collection Rebuilder was. So I've decided to leave it as it is.

I may even remove the old code completely at some point. It's not as nicely designed & programmed as the Collection Rebuilder. So it's probably not worthwhile porting it anyway.

I've also tested the new code thoroughly now without any issues.


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