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0000137QMC2GUI bugpublic2017-01-26 04:09
Assigned Torreucher 
Platformx86_64OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.70 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.71 
Summary0000137: Software list
DescriptionAdditional software artwork tabs show incorrect images, when first selected.
Steps To ReproduceYou'll need roms, software list roms, and extras, with two software target, additional artwork classes showing (suggest covers_sl and titles_sl).

Use Game Boy Advanced machine (it doesn't matter, but you must have cover and title image available). Click the first Spongebob (again, it doesn't matter, but there are titles and covers for most Spongebobs - same for the Super Marios).

Select Titles tab - no image. Select Covers tab - no image. Go back to Covers - image. Back to titles - image.

Go to the next different Spongebob. The currently seleted tab will have the correct image. The other one will not.

Try the next different Sponge (or whatever). Same prob.

Get the correct image on both artwork tabs, select something other than Covers or Titles. Go to some other machine (doesn't matter if it has artwork). You should find Spongebob images, on both additional artwork tabs, when first selected (if you haven't clicked on anything else which would redraw the screen).

Additional InformationOnce the correct images, for a software, have been loaded, they work until the program is restarted. Missing an invalidate rectangle, or something? Minimizing and maximizing the program corrects the image, as does moving the window, so the image goes off-screen. Toggling the software details off and on also fixes the artwork. Simply clicking the desktop outside qmc2 window corrects image. Sure looks like a window redraw is missing, on first focus of additional software artwork class tabs. This does not occur with additional system artwork classes.
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rreucher (administrator)

Sounds like a missing paint event in some situations... I hope I'm able to reproduce this on Linux.


MusicLovr (reporter)

That's why I came back and added the picture. Had to use a long timed capture, to keep from 'fixing' the image - haha. My s.w.a.g. is that the paint, for unfocused tabs is in loss of focus handler, instead of on focus. The tab with focus does get painted. I think a quick and easy one.


rreucher (administrator)

OK, I'm able to reproduce this, but *only* when the images are loaded from a zip (or 7z, untested yet) archive.

I'll try fixing it before the next release.


rreucher (administrator)

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The changes in SVN r7877 should fix it. At least it works correctly on my end now :). Thanks for the report!

It was no actual paint-event or focus issue, but when the image wasn't already cached at the time the paint-event occurred, the image was loaded and inserted into the cache, however, the newly cached image wasn't really used at this point (but the last image which was displayed before). The *next* paint-event corrected this, of course.


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