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0000134QMC2Feature requestpublic2017-02-15 07:16
Assigned Torreucher 
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Product Version0.70 
Target Version0.183Fixed in Version0.183 
Summary0000134: Too many tabs
DescriptionGreatings. Great program, despite a few fleas (minor bugs, mostly on the software lists side of the house.

I really dislike scrolling tabs. And I have all the MAME EXTRAs artwork classes implemented, yielding 22 System-specific detail tabs. Rather a pain to move between them (who could remember that many accelerator keys?). IMO, the best approach, where real estate is available, is stacked rows of tabs. I don't think that a good choice, for this application. The other approach, which should work, here, is that used in browsers: a drop-down list, next to the scroll arrows, to quickly select the desire tab.

Please consider this.

Next, my other 4 or 5 wish-list items.
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rreucher (administrator)

I'll think about some possible enhancements here.


MusicLovr (reporter)

Great! Thanks...


rreucher (administrator)

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I'm going to implement the "drop-down menu" idea for this soon. There is already a context-menu for each UI component's tab-widget, but it's not used for this purpose yet since it's nearly impossible to reach it :). I've just changed this to do what it's supposed to do in SVN r7948. Excerpt from the change-log:

- imp: the context menu of each component's tab-widget is now accessible by right-clicking the header (instead of a small area above it)

So this should enable this type of tab-selection through a context-menu. I only need to redesign the menus a bit, and add all visible tabs (with their icons) as menu items triggering appropriate actions to switch tabs.


rreucher (administrator)

This has been added in SVN r7949!

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